My First Digital Camera

During my college time, the first time I got my own PC and internet modem, I started to get addicted to internet, I love to browse a lot of topics including technology, design, and photography. Browsing about photography sent me to the world of beautiful photos taken by professional photographers. It makes me wonder how they could capture such an amazing landscape picture, or how they could find the perfect moment when they shoot pictures about people.

Every single photo had their own story that makes me addicted to “see” them through on flickr, 500px, or deviantart. At those times, I wanted to learn photography so bad. The conclusion, these words came out from my mind, “I have to save my money and get my own camera!!”

But the reality was I never be able to bought those camera, although I did a lot of side jobs during my college time. So, when I already got my first real job, to buy a new camera with the salary was one of the first thing that came to my mind 😀

After a lot of research and read some forum discussions on the internet, I finally choose my very first digital camera, The classic-looked Olympus OMD EM-5!


It’s a mirrorless camera with micro four thirds system. The reason why I choose mirrorless over DSLR was because the size and the weight. DSLRs will take a lot of space in your bag when you bring it with you for taking your traveling photos. The mirrorless system will give you the lightweight and significally smaller size with the IQ that almost equal with DSLRs, it also offers the capability to change the lens to suits your style of photography. Yes, it’s an interchangeable lens camera.

These are some of my first shots using OMD.






Unfortunately I’ve been busy working at project site these last 3 months. And I left my OMD in Depok, so this camera just stored in my cabinet for months. I’m not yet familiar with the camera and not yet have the time to learn the “how-to” of taking good photographs that I desire. But I hope there’ll be a lot of great pictures coming from this mate soon 😀


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