Current Job : Unemployed.

Hello world.
It’s been 4 months since my last post about getting the thesis done, and Alhamdulillah I finally did it!
Sorry for suddenly write in English, I just want to do a little exercise for my bad English grammar. Hope you can give some critics 😀

So, 4 months’ a long time, wasn’t it? Hehe. In May, me and some of my friends had a plan to hike to Semeru before our graduation (which actually my latest wish before leaving college). The purpose was “katanya” to refresh our brain a little while after the thesis proposal exam hehehe. These are some picture taken during our journey from Yogyakarta – St. Malang – Pasar Tumpang – Ranu Pani – Ranu Kumbolo – Kalimati – Mahameru Summit ( i’ll make the field report on a later post ).

Before Jeep ride from Pasar Tumpang


Welcome to Ranu Kumbolo (the place quite crowded that day, bcs of 5cm movie euphoria)


Good morning, Ranu Kumbolo!


Me, Tafta, and Eviyan took a little walk in Kalimati searching for water


Mahameru Summit

Afterwards, from June-July I fully focused on finishing my thesis, I forced myself to make this happen in two months, aaand I was so grateful that my thesis with the title “Air Data, Attitude, and Heading Reference System based on Arduino Due for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” had finally finished at the end of July .

adharsThe “ADAHRS” device

I spent most of my time working the thesis at the Komunitas N2 office, big thanks especially for Mr. Mamik Sumiharto and Mr. Bakhtiar Alldino my thesis lecturers, and also for every member of Komunitas N2 for the help and support.
I had my thesis examination in 1st August , though I had (quite a lot) mistake in my thesis and “dibantai” during the exam I quite satisfied with the result, at least all my efforts in this two months was a worth time spent.
After long holiday (Eid Mubarak), I finished my thesis revision on September and officially being Bachelor of Electronics and Instrumentation 🙂
Yap, now I had to find my first job! Wish me luck.

P.S : maap kalo bahasa inggrisnya amburadul, yg penting ga 29 my age lah ya. Namanya jg belajar :)


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